About Us

Taboda.com is a classified ads website for Filipinos and the Philippine market. Taboda.com was founded by Luis Reginaldo Medilo, a web designer and entrepreneur who wanted a free and easy alternative to the big classified ads websites run by well-funded companies. Seeing some big classified websites sold to foreign companies and charging exorbitant fees, he decided to create a classified ads service that is 100% Filipino-owned and FREE forever.

If you are looking to sell your new or used items such as cellphones, computers, clothes, jewelry and toys, you can post a free ad by signing up for a free account. There's no limit to how many ads you can post as long as they are not copies or duplicates. Aside from selling your items, you can offer your services, look for a job, or put up your apartment for rent. There are so many things you can do here at Taboda.com! You can even share your business opportunities to your fellow Filipinos so that they can earn money just like you.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay here at Taboda.com. Don't forget to tell your friends about us and spread the word. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact the administrator here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the Filipino people by providing a reliable, safe and easy way to post free online classified ads. We want to give individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and online sellers the capability to offer their products and services without the restrictions and limitations put up by the bigger classified ads websites.

We are here to help you succeed! That is why we are always available to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions. If you have any problems in using this site, tell us! You can reach us through e-mail and phone. You can also talk to us at our forum or at our Facebook page. Visit our Support page to know more.

Thank you for making Taboda.com a part of your online life!