A 3 bedroom townhouse with 2 toilets and bath, with terrace, carefully designed for a family who wants to start a new life in a new place where they can make a home that will last a lifetime...
3 bedroom
2 TB
Provision for 1 car park
Lot 50
Flr 60
Total Contract Price  2,049,000
Reservation fee 10,000.00
Net DP 246,125
15mos DP 16,409
Loan Amount  1,792,875
20 yrs. 18,110
15 yrs. 20,075
10 yrs. 24,501
5 yrs.  38,902
Salary Requirement 
20 yrs   55,000
Plan your future now!!!
Be in a place where you can trust.
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9:00 am Starmall Edsa Mandaluyong
9:30 am Makati Edsa SM
10:00 am MOA
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